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mullen is the god of skateboarding!

however, while i do believe mullen is the best, the fact that you had the patience to trace with color every frame of clips of mullen skating does not impress me. if i wanted to watch realistic skating i would turn to actual footage and not a retrace of the same thing. however... your tips and bails section were good. so while i disagree with al lthe praise you prolly recieved from your tracing, your bails was more original... why couldn't you make an entire movie of that style? and the tips were a good addition to your movie... mullen is god, rotoscoping is the devil.. the end

cronic-22 responds:

but u cldnt fit a video clip that long on newgrounds could you so if i rotoscope it then ppl can see wat mullen is about and buy his videos

i thought....

i thought all of the members were already zombies... so wouldn't they all be dead? that's just what i thought

why does?

why duz the 45 degree incline have a railing, but the stairs don't?

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this is a rip from die in style...

get original this is die in style but with madness characters...

wow all rite!!

its my very own version of flash... made using flash... and i already own flash... so what was the point of this thing again???

frame by frame animation is the best... rotoscoping sucks.. new movie is done and on newgrounds... man i am on an animating field day...in the process of releasing another one... this time with sound

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